Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About Time!

Well it is about time that I should sit down and fill you all in on what has been a very busy few months in the McGrath family household (I will keep it short).
In February Leo and Jack both went off to preschool and daycare. Jack was a little hesitant and a few tears and tantrums were had along the way. Leo loved preschool from the very first day. He has a wonderful special needs teacher who is marvelous with him, she really gets the best out of him and we can see this at home, he is coming along in leaps and bounds.

Late February Jack turned two. Marsie & Parsie timed a visit so they could help celebrate the momentous occasion. (I think he is already starting to act out "the terrible twos") Boy do we have a fun year ahead of us!

March was all about intervention. This year Leo is having weekly home based sessions and this is paying off! He is doing marvelously. I feel that all the hard work is paying off.
April we all jumped in the car and headed North for Easter up to Marsie and Parsies house (dog included). Boy was that a fun car journey! There were lot of toilet stops, and it wasn't for the dog. The Easter Bunny found where Leo and Jack were staying and he left behind lots of chocolate Easter eggs. The weather was fabulous it was the best weather I have experienced up there, so look out Marsie & Parsie it may become an annual visit! The best experience was early one morning while walking up the long sandy beach we spotted a tiny little loggerhead turtle making its way to the water apparently there had been quite a few hatch and make the dangerous and long journey to the ocean. Where ever you are now little turtle we hope you made it past the seagulls and are swimming free.

Well here we are with a very busy week ahead. Leo is having his fourth birthday party with 20 children from preschool coming. Dr Croc is making an appearance (I believe in outsourcing when it comes to kids birthday parties). Dan is turning.....40 Shh... don't tell anyone. So now I am back on track with blogging the next blog will be BIG!