Thursday, August 29, 2013


There is nothing like the sharp, sweet taste of passionfruit on a warm day! Summer is fast approaching and the passionfruit vine is bursting with fruit, ripe for the picking. This is the first year that my passionfruit vine has so much fruit on it. 
The passionfruit vine is strong and rampant and not particularly hard to grow, the chickens take care of fertilising it and my particular variety is quite drought tolerant, I have a "Nellie Kelly" Panama Red, they are great for colder areas of Australia and don't seem to be to troubled by frosts. Their fruit is edible now but will be better over the next few months of Spring and into early Summer. 
I am a fan of a good pavlova and a large helping of cream with a generous drizzle of passionfruit...bring on Summer and let the Summer feasting begin! Happy gardening!