Saturday, July 24, 2010

Little garden helpers.....and nasty slugs!

Things are a little slow in the veggie patch at the moment except for the slugs who are feasting away on my wongbok cabbages.....but I have a solution to stop them in their slimy little tracks! Drum roll please.......SLUGGA! I am hoping this copper tape will give those slugs a zap and keep them away from my cabbages, I see this as being the safest solution, snail and slug bait is a definate no no and I have tried "slug patrol" in my pyjamas with a torch late at night and this is not how I want to spend my evening "down time". So fingers crossed it works and the slugs will pack up and move somewhere else!
Today I had lot of little helpers in my garden, and everyone seemed to be getting on quite well. One fluffly and very furry little helper who is normally curled up on my bed asleep ventured out to inspect my veggies! Jack and Mariah were never too far away they seemed to be happy playing and digging around the garden......Happy days!


  1. Hope it works for you. I've surrounded one of the raised garden beds with copper tape like this and it seems to be warding off the snails and slugs (although I'm picking them off too). Decided to do a test on one garden bed, bc it is quite expensive to surround every raised bed. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Yes you are quite right it is very expensive, I have bought 2 rolls this wil cover the sides of my raised bed but not the ends. The upside is it lasts quite a long time and hopefully the neighbors won't have to view me in my pjs at night time!

  3. I hope your copper works for you. I think it will though because I'd heard that slugs do not like it one bit. My Mum had suggested another approach using carpet but that didn't work so well. :-)