Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free range or cage eggs?

Recently while standing in the supermarket, I happened to be near the eggs, I was searching for a brand of milk that I normally buy but could not spot it, what I did spot was a lady pick up a carton of cage eggs, she didn't hesitate or even mull over the free range eggs.  No she was very definate about her choice, so I decided to watch a few more customers, I was astounded they nearly all chose cage eggs. In total I watched seven people, now I know this is not a lot and not nearly enough to consider it a survey of such; but it did get me wondering who buys cage eggs and what are their reasons? Is it purely price driven, and given this if free range were cheaper would they purchase these instead.  Or is it a case of "animal welfare does not rank high on their agenda? What are your thoughts I would love to know? Do you buy cage eggs or do you buy free range?


  1. You need a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in Australia. He seems to have persuaded most of the supermarkets to stop stocking eggs from battery hens, however, there are still 'barn eggs' and possibly others before you get to Free Range. Plus a lot of eggs from caged hens go into all sorts of items such as cakes and ready meals, but we do have Free Range options quite often, depending to some extent on where we shop.

    If you are interested you can read about his Chicken Out campaign here

  2. I recently watched a one of Jamie Oliver's show on Chickens and eggs and yes I was surprised that there will allways be a market for eggs when it comes to large factory made items eg biscuits, dry ingredients etc. I think we need Jamie and Hugh here in Australia to get the message accross. I still have my doubts about barn eggs I just think it is a glorified version of cage eggs...Glad to hear the UK is waking up to this form of cruelty and buying free range!

  3. it is strange that people don't think a little more about what they put in their mouths. I like to think of free range eggs as better for you because they were laid by happier hens. I suppose it's a matter of education and some people are just oblivious to what goes on with intensive farming practices.