Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fathers Day and Chickens.

We all had a great day on Sunday(Fathers Day), we ventured up to the Blue Mountains and stopped by Leura for Brunch. We wandered up the Mall looking at all the daffodils and spring flowers and then visited some of the gorgeous shops, mainly the Leura Toy Store, the boys just couldn't part themselves from all the wonderful toys on display. Then our last stop was The Candy Store, well where do I begin, the range of sweets, chocolates and other yummy treats is endless, it is definitely a shop that does not cater for prams & strollers. After a quick purchase of fudge and chocolate we were off to our next destination Sun Valley Produce. After investigating where our eggs come from I have decided to purchase some chickens, I can't think of anything better than free range eggs from our own garden (FYI read article from SMH). After lots of googling chicken breeds I have decided on a breed called Australorps, they are a large chicken, easy to handle and produce large brown eggs, they should also be able to stand up to any cats from neighbouring properties.

Sun Valley Produce have a great range of laying hens, feed and they have a Mountain Ark on display. I decided very quickly that I wanted a good looking chicken coop that is easy to clean and move around our front garden. Francis from Mountain Arks makes very quaint but functional chicken coups, being able to see the Mountain Ark up close was great as I am now confident it is the right chicken coup for us and lets not forget the chickens too....

Here is Leo with his purchase from The Leura Toy Store "100 Animals to Spot at the Zoo". We are off to Western Plains Zoo next week and I think these spotter cards will come in handy!

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