Thursday, September 3, 2009

"X" marks the spot!

Today I had to make the big decision of where to place the veggie patch. I have been monitoring the movement of the sun to ensure my veggie patch will receive the most possible sunlight (roughly 6 hours according to the books). Another big deciding factor is 1. Spring is here and 2. Natural Yards have 10% of raised beds!!!! So here it is all pegged out(120mm x 490mm)! I know it doesn't look much but wait and see, good things will come from this sunny little area!

My little helpers Jack and Mariah (our gorgeous black lab) had a great time knocking down the pegs and Jack loved tugging on the string!

Now to order my raised garden bed and soil and start making a list of all the gardening bits and pieces I am going to need. I have also ordered a few packets of seeds from Diggers they have a wonderful range of organic heirloom seeds, they should arrive any day soon........


  1. This looks good.
    You will be eating fresh vegies soon'Love M

  2. Yes hopefully we will have lots of veggies!!!