Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010 to everyone!
A new Year and a new decade, if only I had a crystal ball to see what lies ahead for us. For Leo & Jack it will be a year of adventure, Jack will go to daycare and Leo a new kindergarten, fingers crossed they will embrace the change, especially Leo. For me, who knows what is in store, a little bit more time for myself maybe......

Mid 2009 we decided to buy a dog (not a puppy) and hence we have our beautiful Mariah. When we were going through the process of choosing a dog we met one of Mariah's cousins Mi Mi, she was also available, but Mariah was the one for us. This week my sister decided they would like a Labrador, but like us did not want a puppy so I mentioned where we got Mariah and as things would have it beautiful Mi Mi was still there, I couldn't believe it and now she has a new home with Charlotte, Thomas and baby Neve. I am so happy she has gone to a wonderful home where she will be loved. Ahhh happy endings and happy 2010 to everyone!

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