Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cucumbers, Intervention and Swimming Lessons

Ah yes it is that time of the year when everything starts to return to normal. What I mean by normal "for us" is routine! Intervention for Leo is up and running again, this year we have a lovely lady called Lynne and she will visit every Monday at 9.30. Our first session was a little different Leo spent the first half hour covering his eyes so he could not see Lynne, he seems to do this when he is confronted by someone he does not know! After some coaxing he slowly came round to her! Then in the afternoon it was off to swimming lessons. I was very surprised at how well Leo went, he was able to follow most of the instructions and really enjoyed the water.

Today (Tuesday) we had the lovely Michelle for Speech therapy, we always have a great time with Michelle. So that is our week so far!
Oh and I have been making a christening cake! Wow I had forgotten how time consuming making cakes is as well as seeing to two boisterous boys and trying to fit in therapy time with Leo.......I feel physically and mentally exhausted!

Since Christmas I have lost my veggies to the bugs.......they have won the war and I wave my white flag in resignation, except for the beans and cucumbers! Wow who would have thought it was so easy to grow cucumbers, I have given many away as there is only so many you can eat! So if you come by my house you are sure to leave with at least four, five maybe even six cucumbers. Another idea is to pickle them, although I know everybody hates the pickles in their burgers at McDonald's, maybe I should just stick to giving them away.......

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