Monday, February 15, 2010


I was reading an Austism newsletter and came across theis story about a very brave little boy called Brody. I have added Brody's blog if anyone is interested in reading about this very brave little boy and his family.

Brody Thomas Reilly is 4 years old, lives at Nabaic, NSW with his mum (Vicki) and step father (Bill Morris). He has an older brother (Luke) that lives in Queensland. Since Brody was born he had a emergency caesarean on the 21/7/2005. At the age of six months he started having febrile seizures, which increased into seizure disorder and up to date has had 10 seizures, the longest going for 2 hours. At the age of 2 years he was diganosed with ADHD and then at the age of 3 years Autism. Then to top it all off at the age of 4 years he was diganosised with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia with T-cell,and is now in Westmead Children's Hospital Sydney awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Brody loves and enjoys any type of super hero's such as Ben 10, spiderman, batman, Ninja Turtles, Power Puff Girls and more. He wants to drive a real Ben 10 car and he enjoys horse riding and has a special bond with Tyson and Tess the dogs. Brody has lots of fun and adventures with his cousins Domenic and Ethan.

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