Monday, May 17, 2010


I was reading Purple Podded Peas Blog and saw this adorable pic of a cat sitting with the egg in the chicken coop. Cats are just adorable and are strange sometimes.

We have just come back from the vets with Milo and Mariah, poor Milo has been in the wars and has to have 2 teeth taken out. For Mariah it was a routine vaccination and the usual "she is a little over weight" chat from the vet......"don't look at me the kids feed her all sorts of fattening treats" I said. Luckily both the boys were there and they admitted straight away to the vet that Mariah loves bickies, and she happened to be covered in porridge from Jack's breakfast that said I rest my case! Love your pets as they give so much for so little in return!


  1. Oh poor Milo!
    I don't have cats but I have always wanted one, having two dogs (one hates cats) makes it difficult. Love the photos x

  2. Good gracious! I clicked on a link and there's my tabby studio assistant and someone else's blog!!!!

    She's given up doing that since Tarragon the Lavender Araucana cockerel arrived on the scene.

    Hope the veggies are enjoying the sunshine (take care - something tells me we may have a little cold snap still to come)


  3. Hi Celia, I hope you don't mind me posting the pic of your adorable cat. I think she is gorgeous. Love reading your blog and your artwork is just gorgeous!