Monday, May 24, 2010


I am having a disastrous time growing veggies this winter! I have too much shade and not enough sun! Our next door neighbor has a whopping big camphor laurel tree that hangs over our side of the garden and hence we are only getting 2 hours of sun a day on the veggie patch. Yes the weather is a little warmer in Sydney but not even this is enough to grow veggies in winter. So I have come to a decision, the tree is going, well the bit on our side which equates to 70% of the tree. You see Camphor Laurels are a noxious weed, their leaves drop everywhere they are infact a very toxic plant according to 57 reasons why camphor laurels need to be eradicated. It is also where I want to put the chickens, but the seeds will kill the birds so I have to be patient and play the waiting game. So our dear next door neighbor you will soon find me knocking on your door with news that your tree will be cut down on our side of the fence! It has been a long time coming and it is one tree that I will be happy to see chopped down!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Why don't you offer to plant a more appropriate tree in its place? Even a fruit tree that you can share? Here on the north coast camphor laurels are a real dilemma. They are such a pretty tree but so agressive. They are strongly allopathic, so nothing else grows in their shadow (which reminds me, you'll need to wait a season after its gone to plant something else.) They take over creek banks so you can't cut them down without causing an erosion hazard, cos there's nothing else, and you can't plant something else while they're there. It's the right decision that it has to go! Good luck

  2. Hi Linda,
    Yes I totally agree about a citrus tree that we can share. The only problem will be there is a gum tree that the camphor laurel has wrapped itself around, so the gum tree will stay and as we have worked out nothing much grows around gum trees. Don't get me wrong we love gum trees, where we live they have all the lorrikeet & cockatoo nests in them and my boys love spotting a new baby bird. I have plans to plant a lime, lemon and orange tree once the camphor laurel has gone and also some loganberries along the fence. But as we have been told it will take a year or 2 for the root system to die off. Thanks for your feedback.