Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hot Summer Days!

The weather has been a little warm over the last few weeks and I must confess to becoming a little lazy due to the heat, it has made me quite lethargic and not terribly interested in doing much at all.  The veggies are growing in front of my eyes and the bugs are eating them just as quickly, I have succumbed to spraying Dipel (a bio insecticide) that only kills caterpillars, and is safe for bees, lady bugs and other flying insects, sadly it doesn't kill slugs or snails that seem to be everywhere and are eating their way through all forms of plant matter (they are even happy to munch on rhubarb leaves which I thought were poisonous!)
On the other hand the tomatoes I planted are laden with fruit and now I am waiting for them all to turn a glorious cherry red, fingers crossed this might be my best year at growing tomatoes. I have mainly all heirloom varieties and some "tommy toes".  I am a little perplexed with the green zebra tomatoes, how will I know when to pick them? If anyone has grown them before I would love some tips!

Mini Roma Tomatoes
The hot weather is even affecting the animals I spotted Milo flat out and sound asleep enjoying the cool afternoon breeze wafting by on the veranda!  Happy gardening and happy holidays!


  1. I have been wondering what to do about my plaque of pesky caterpillars so thanks for the tip on Dipel! Is it safe for herbs too do you think?

  2. Yes it is safe for all vegetables and herbs and it is natural!

  3. I have big snail problems too Sarah. I am squashing (quickly and humanely) more than 20 an evening and it doesn't seem to be making a dent in the enormous population! Your tomatoes look beautiful!

  4. Thanks Lanie! Yes you are right there seems to be more snails than ever! I can't use snail bait because of pets and I don't really like the idea of the wild life eating it. They are everywhere and I am losing the battle, I am hoping that really dry hot weather will drive them away! Your garden is looking spectacular, I will buy a copy of the magazine when I spot it!