Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Edible Garden

Recently I have fallen in love with a little gardening show on Foxtel. I can't wait to sit down on a Saturday night and watch my garden heroine Alys Fowler dig and delve through her beautiful Victorian garden. I am truly smitten with her quaint veggie, herb and floral English garden, including her two busy chickens and cute little dog "Isabel'.  Alys' garden is truly amazing, she manages to plant everything from Asian herbs to blueberries and the way she plants is "a little bit here and a little bit there" and it really works, not only does it confuse the nasty bugs it looks very pleasing on the eye! One of the main aspects I like about her show is the way she uses everything from her garden, and has taken the time to share all her little tips and ideas with the world, I especially can't wait to try out her lavender biscuits they look a treat! If you have cable TV and have an hour to spare on a Saturday evening at 7.30pm, sit down and immerse yourself into Alys Fowler's edible garden, like me you will be entranced.


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments since I have been 'away'! Your blog looks amazing!
    I have Sky TV and I am wondering if I can pick up this programme? It looks very interesting and something I would enjoy watching too. I will let you know if I can get it :)

  2. This is the first time I have wanted cable TV! I might try to get a friend to copy it to her hard drive for I am always up for a good gardening show.

  3. Hi Lanie, let your friend know that it is on the "How To" channel and it is on Saturday nights at 7.30pm. Hope you get to see it!

  4. I caught the last two episodes of this series, which was shown here in the UK earlier this year on BBC2. She is an inspiration, isn't she?

    You can see a few clips here

    She has written a book, a copy of which I found in our library. It might be available in Australia by now.

  5. Hi Karin,
    Last night was the last of the series, so I felt disappointed that Alys will not be in my living room again on a Saturday night. I googled her name and found that she had written a book so I will be on the lookout for it! And yes she is very inspiring and I want to try and be a little more like her when it comes to my veggie garden.