Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Spring has arrived and everywhere I go I can smell the air is different.  The dank smell of Winter has left and blossoms fill the trees and perfume fills the air.  The veggies are growing at an alarming rate and the slugs and caterpillars are wanting their share! The boys seem to be happy with the change in weather and are happy to shed their heavy Winter clothes in favour of light cotton shorts and t-shirts and run around with no shoes on their feet! Though we have had a few warm days Winter is still nipping away at our heels, it may be a few more weeks before we finally say goodbye to Winter for another year!

Leo and Jack have discovered how delicious fresh peas are and seemed to be addicted to the pretty green pods containing little sweet gems inside, while this is great my only problem is they are intent on picking every pod of the pea plants whether they are ripe or not! Somehow I have resided to myself that I won't be serving them up with our next roast dinner as there will be none left!

The rhubarb crowns I planted have sprouted their red stems and green leaves, now it is a waiting game. The rule is once you have planted the crowns you must wait for a full year before you can harvest any stems, this ensures the plant concentrates all its energy into the growth of the roots(crowns). I have one small concern that maybe I have planted them in the wrong spot,  rhubarb loves the sun, but not too much sun, I think I may have to erect a cloche of shade cloth over them during the height of Summer.

And last but not least new boots, just in time for the Spring rains!


  1. A lovely time of year. I can just about remember it as we move into Autumn.

  2. Spring is my favourite time of the year in Australia. I also loved the Spring when I was in London, yet they are so different in each country. We really don't get a long Spring here it is short and then before we know it the blistering heat of Summer is upon us.

  3. I love Spring, too Sarah, it's so full of promise and life bursting out everywhere. Autumn has its attractions, but it means Winter is not far away, and this last year we had a long, cold Winter with a short, late Spring. I'm hoping we'll have a better Spring in 2011. Enjoy your Spring while you can.

  4. Hi Karin, We had one of our coldest Winters in 60 years, and I remember watching on the tv all the snow you had over there. Winter down here does not go for long but our houses aren't built for cold weather so it seems to feel worse than it really is. Your garden is looking beautiful and I love watching your chickens.